artificial plants are more beautiful for home decoration if you doing it like that!
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Artificial plants used for home decoration are a major trend in modern interior design and an essential material in modern interior decoration. 

They not only provide a green experience but are also affordable and available in a variety of species. 

Although many people use artificial plants as home decorations, there are still some tips for decorating with them that are not well understood. 

Below, I will explain how to arrange artificial plants for home decoration to make them look more beautiful.


we need to follow the principle of green embellishment: choose different artificial plants based on the size of the living space and the area available for decoration. 

The living room is the center of family activities and has a larger area. 

It is suitable to place large artificial plants in corners or next to the sofa. Generally, large potted foliage artificial plants, 

such as small artificial trees, are suitable. Window sills can be decorated with seasonal flowers or small artificial plants hanging on the walls. 

The entrance hall and other rooms have smaller areas, so they are only suitable for small artificial plants or hanging artificial plants as decorations.

Secondly, make use of lighting: use lighting at night to highlight unique compositions and silhouette effects. 

The use of backlit lighting reflected by artificial plants can make the living space appear more spacious. 

Another method is to cleverly combine mirrors with artificial plants to create a changing and magical sense of space. 

The courtyard should not be too large in size, and the surrounding perimeter should be made of red bricks. 

The height should be suitable for hiding small flower pots. By placing flower pots close together without leaving gaps,

 it can become a flower bed with dense foliage. artificial flowers can be changed according to seasonal changes or personal preferences.

Lastly, consider the best visual effects: when dining in the dining room, the best configuration point is the visual focal point of the chairs and seating positions. 

Generally, the best visual effect is at a viewing position approximately 2 meters from the ground, which provides a beautiful visual effect from any angle. 

On the other hand, if you want to concentrate on enjoying several artificial plants, you need to consider the placement from a distance perspective. 

The artificial plants in the foreground should be small with fine leaves and vibrant colors, while the artificial plants in the corners should be large and deep green. 

The placement should have a certain degree of inclination to create a visually pleasing effect. 

The height of hanging artificial plants, especially those viewed from an upward angle, 

should be carefully considered, and the position and direction of hanging should be optimal. 

Using wall-mounted or pot-mounted holders for small artificial plants yields the best effect.

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